Routing Order

The purpose of this form is to collect in one time all the informations that are needed to proceed with the handling of your routing orders. Once filled, this form will automaticaly be transferred to our routing orer desk. Please note that all fields marked * are mandatory. Uncomplete requests cannot be handled. Updates will be send to you on daily basis, questions will be answered once a day. Please consider the time difference between your place and France before sending any reminders.

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A file reference will be provided to you upon return.With this reference you can go to "seize bl" on our web site and issue the bill of lading. If this is not done, the bl will be issued as per the proforma invoice. Unless otherwise specified, the documents will be send by mail only.


As said above, uncomplete forms can not be handled please consider the time difference before sending reminders we will always chose the next suitable vessel, there is no need to ask us for earlier sailings the RO form must be received before the cargo, otherwise there is a risk of mishandling.